Today I’ve stumbled on, totally by accident, on api.ai. It’s extremely powerful way to build natural language processing into apps/sites/services/you name it. The power comes both from the ease of use setup and as well as from the power of Google’s natural language processing that stands behind the product. Just watch this 3 minute intro video and be amazed:

Pretty impressive!

One thought hit me while looking at this and thinking of possible uses. RPG games’ dialogue systems! Oh, the memories ;) The whole thing looks like dialogue building tool, with all the specific words having assigned meanings, building contexts and defining reasonable yet vague enough responses, preferably multiple ones, to feel more natural and not repetitive. Here, check this out:

It took me 15 minutes to click this one out with api.ai. It would be 3 if I didn’t take time to customize its “small talk” domain a bit. Cool stuff :D