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It’s kinda funny to think I’ve gone live with my blog and then not posted anything after the very first post. I’m working on an interesting one, I promise, but in the meantime, I wanted to share a tiny toy I’ve made while investigating new tech. The new tech is Processing.js and I’m looking into it since I’ve already used regular Processing a bit in the past, and it’s an easy way to implement dirty prototypes with simple 2d graphics, and have it work in the browser without any changes to the code! I know suspect there better alternatives, but this one’s good enough :D

The following toy is a dead simple avoidance implementation, written from scratch in Processing, and done solely for the purposes of refreshing my Processing skills. Had fun implementing it nonetheless.

Here’s a link to the sources of this toy on github. Feel free to take a look, even though there’s a lot more educational value in trying to implement something like this from scratch rather than reading someone else’s code (especially mine! ;) ).

3 thoughts on “Sharing toys”

  1. This is really cool! The avoidance implementation here is better than what comes in Unreal 4.15. :)
    But in all seriousness, RVO and Detour Crowds are not game ready solutions. I have experimented with setting a unit as dynamic obstacle when stopped. That works great, but the nav mesh cant keep up with more then maybe 20 actors. I know those lane creeps in Paragon don’t use any of these solutions. Epic never uses RVO or Detour Crowds in their internal content. It would be cool if whatever you built for avoidance in Paragon made it to the UE4 engine sometime soon. I feel like navigation really needs some help, I saw back in 2014 you were talking about Hot Spots, and now its back logged. That would all be really useful.

    1. Paragon _is_ using our RVO, and Fortnite is using the Detour Crowds, so there’s that. Regarding AI roadmap for UE4 it’s currently on hold due to AI people being needed in all of Epic’s projects :)

      1. Paragon uses RVO. That rocks my world. I will take another look. What I had to go on was the few projects that people went over on the learning stream. Bullet Train, comes to mind where RVO and Detour Crowds were not used in favor of running EQS to get a position if the unit got jammed. Anyway, thank you for the information!

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