Sharing toys

It’s kinda funny to think I’ve gone live with my blog and then not posted anything after the very first post. I’m working on an interesting one, I promise, but in the meantime, I wanted to share a tiny toy I’ve made while investigating new tech. The new tech is Processing.js and I’m looking into it since I’ve already used regular Processing a bit in the past, and it’s an easy way to implement dirty prototypes with simple 2d graphics, and have it work in the browser without any changes to the code! I know suspect there better alternatives, but this one’s good enough :D

The following toy is a dead simple avoidance implementation, written from scratch in Processing, and done solely for the purposes of refreshing my Processing skills. Had fun implementing it nonetheless.

Here’s a link to the sources of this toy on github. Feel free to take a look, even though there’s a lot more educational value in trying to implement something like this from scratch rather than reading someone else’s code (especially mine! ;) ).